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SAP Activate Methodology

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The Five Golden Rules for Implementing SAP S/4HANA 

Every organization is accelerating its transition to SAP’s intelligent enterprise. If you are one of the transformation partners who have his/her hands in transforming enterprises to adopt the innovations delivered by SAP, this blog is for you.  Let us discuss the five golden rules for SAP S/4HANA's cloud and on-premise ERP (Enterprise Resourcing Planning) systems implementation. We are already aware of S/4HANA’s flexibility and extensibility options embedded in the solution along with a complete set of ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) environments. But are we aware of our choices made during the transition which might increase or decrease the TCO (Total [...]

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Phases of SAP Activate Methodology

Hey guys glad to meet you all through another exciting blog on SAP Activate, if you still haven’t read our earlier introductory blog for the SAP Activate Framework, Do check it out by clicking on this link.  As we all know that SAP Activate Methodology is the newest approach for carrying out projects and delivering SAP innovations and solutions.  Being built on the Agile methodology(Agile is an iterative method of project management and software development that supports teams in providing value to their clients more quickly and with less stress.), the SAP Activate methodology employs an iterative process to continually [...]

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Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology

Let’s imagine that you’d been assigned a project, the very next instinct that strikes your mind is all about the management and execution of the project, isn’t it? Each one of us is a project manager in our very own way, right from framing deadlines and maintaining the skill of time management in our day-to-day activities we all do manage and execute various tasks in our lives. On that note, ever wondered what managing the SAP projects for various organizations seems like, the challenges project managers face when managing projects for both internal and external clients, and the difficulties in [...]

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